Sunday, March 11, 2012

The ant spilled the soda!

As of late, I have been feeling VERY tired. It does not matter how much sleep I get, it isn't enough. I don't care if it is 30 minutes or 12 hours, IT. JUST. IS. NOT. ENOUGH.!!! The other night, I went to bed earlier than normal, slept all through the night. Which is very uncommon for me, considering that I normally have to run to the bathroom all night to pee. I have a very small bladder. Oh the joys! I awoke, the next morning, still exhausted, at eleven a.m. That's right! 11 in the morning!!! I slowly walked through the hallway, realizing that my hair was standing on end, wondering what on earth the kids had gotten into. They were both sitting quietly in the living room floor, working a puzzle. This cannot be right! NO WAY! This does NOT happen in MY house! I immediately become very suspicious!
I walk into the dining room and notice that something had been spilled on the table. I asked the children, whom from this point on will be deemed LMPP and Lil Man, LMPP just shook her head, stating that whatever it is, it was there when she awoke. Lil Man states someone had spilled a soda, but "It wasn't her", as he points to LMPP, "and it wasn't me! It had to have been an ant!" An ant, really? At this point, I am beginning to wonder if I have totally lost my damn marbles. Surely, to all that is holy this kid does NOT expect me to believe an ant spilled soda???!!!!
This is when  I realize that it is indeed time for meds, brunch and meds! So, as Lil Man is taking his meds, I realize that his hands are sticky and very dirty! I ask Lil Man what was on his hands, he tries to tell me that it is dirt, from where he had played outside the night before. I then remind him that he had taken a bath right before bed. Finally, Lil Man informs me that he had ice cream for breakfast, had made a mess on the table, tried to clean it up and had put the ice cream back in the refrigerator. Now, I am trying not to laugh, his hands have dried, sticky ice cream on them, my table has ice cream all over it and surely to goodness when he said refrigerator, he meant freezer????!!!! No dice! Lil Man actually did put the ice cream in the refrigerator. *SMH*

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